Diogo is an outstanding circus acrobat and performing artist originally from Brazil. He is seen worldwide on festivals with his impressive show. His main speciality is aerial pole climbing. He currently lives in Berlin where he is actively perfomring in different shows.


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Diogo Dolabella is originally from Brazil and completed his art education at circus schools in Brazil and Belgium. He worked among others for greats like "Franco Dragone" and was seen at many festivals around the world with his impressive show. Diogo currently lives in Berlin through regular appearances and arrangements in German circus shows.

He extensively performed with circus well-known artists like ... worldwide especially across Europe, North and South America. He performed with Rock The Circus, Chamäleon Theater, ...


Seine Weltklasse-Akrobaten müssen eben auch die Lücken zwischen ihren Auftritten füllen. [...] Mikael Bres und Diogo Dolabella aus Belgien überlisten die Schwerkraft an zwei senkrechten Masten.


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